Very good Web page, Stick to the fantastic work. Many thanks! cv
Hi Tony,
I just showed my wife your website. She liked your work and we both were fascinated by the video in which you explain it. Keep being a philosopher and an artist, and enjoy life!
JGD, Henning
John Sorflaten(non-registered)
Mystical synecdoche for the eye. From whence the whole? From before you. From your experience.
Bob Ferguson(non-registered)
Tony's art is in fact, genius, which is evident to even a layman appreciator of art like me.
Joanne Brouk(non-registered)
A friend sent me your link and I felt, "finally" a person who captures abstract images that resonate on a deeply spiritual (and musical) level. I was curious to know the media... oil or acrylic...or montage, and was amazed to discover these are photographs. What an eye! Inventive. Original. Truly inspiring.
Richard Beymer(non-registered)
Absolutely exquisite work....every photograph a gem...Totally inspirational.
Lawrence Sheaff(non-registered)
You continue to photograph things that we wished we had painted. Keep up the good work buddy..."
Libbett Rich(non-registered)
I love found art myself. These images really do it for me. Thank you to Mo for showing me.
Tony Iredale(non-registered)
At last the world can see your talent and vision
Cindy Buck(non-registered)
Wow, Tony, these are so beautiful and interesting. Really love your work.
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